With the state of my little workstation I was in dire need of an all-in-one self contained storage unit. Everything at the stores was not the right fit or very expensive.

Seems all my projects are music related. After the dumping of some great records on my desk from a friends mother I very soon ran out of ways to store them, even with my new alphabetical dividers it was getting annoying to sort through them.

With the Jansen Bassman 50 done I needed a way to use my Marshall cab with both the Bassman and the JCM800. I was too lazy to keep unplugging stuff all the time so I started building the Aiken Amps head switcher.

Well I finally got fed up with ironing on PCB transfers and how crap the turn out. A bunch of eBay orders accumulated over a few years and i’m putting together a UV LED exposure box!

This project turned out so well I just can't believe it was put together in a night whilst drinking too much bourbon and rum.

A long time ago I purchased a literal crap load of Russian and German Germanium transistors with the intention of build the ultimate fuzz pedal. The most elusive of all the pedals, they never sound like Andy from ProGuitarShop.

As usual I have made to many of something and I wanted to have a pedalboard for a home that would accomodate 14 ( yes 14 ) pedals.

Just a small project this time. Picked up a $90 road bike off trademe. She needed a bit of TLC, all the bearings were shot, the bar tape was brittle and the tyres were perished. But $50 later and its back to its 1980’s glory.

This project started when my flatmate said he could get whole sheets of PCB’s etched through his IT course from $8 a sheet. We couldn’t resist.

A nice quick fix and flick project. A very cheap find on Trademe was the JTM60 3 x 10. Very similar to the 1990’s JTM30, it was loud and the reverb was horrible.

I always wanted a big Marshall but could never find the one I liked. Then I discovered Ceriatone. They had a hand wired JCM800 dual volume schematic for a hand wired amp. After doing the math and finding some bargain deals the project was a go!

After working with an 8 bay Drobo NAS at my old work and being impressed at how reliable it was, I picked up one on eBay cheap and got it shipped over. Loaded it with 4 Seagate 1TB drives and....it was noisy as shit.

Yet another amp project build. This time it started with dad being given a bunch of old Jansen amps from old trades at the Rockshop. Included in the stash was a 1975 Jansen Bassman 50.

The amp the started it all. The 1974X is a very popular build amongst DIY amp builders. Some say it holds that classic Marshall tone.

Inspired by the sound of my JCM800 I longed for a more portable version with the same snarl and drive. It was then that I discovered Terry Stinger’s Plexi SE, a 5 watt version of the 6L6 based Marshall classic.

Technically the second amplifier I built, the 5F2A Fender Champ build was created out of left over parts. I had a bunch of leftover wood, tolex and fibreboard from the 18 Watt 1974X build ( and the green from dad’s build).