Giant Reign Full Service

Dec 30, 2023 | Others

Due to my Giant Reign 2 being a 2016 model it was well over due for a full service and parts upgrade. I opted to do the full works.

Fork Servicing

The first thing to be upgraded/serviced was the shocks. They are in good condition but have never had their “yearly” service since 2016. I took them to Lewis and Co Bikes to get them serviced properly. The rear shock was leaking air past the sleeve and I got extra volume spacers added for a more stable ride.

Bearing Replacements

I ordered a full bearing kit for the 2015-2017 Reign 2 from Chase Bearings on eBay. Great Quality parts. The bearing puller kit was just a cheap one off AliExpress and I had to use a socket to extend the reach of a couple of them. The only issue I ran into was that I got 2 of the bearings mixed up as they were the same diameter but different thicknesses.

Cassette Upgrade

This bike originally came with a 2×10 drive train. I then went to a 1×10 setup with a slightly bigger rear cassette but hills were still awful so I got a new derailleure and a 11-52T cassette to get back my low range. One thing to note with the DT Swiss hubs is that the hub is aluminium and the cassette is steal so its a pain to remove as the cassette bites into the hub and you need to file off the dents before installing the new cassette on.


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