Ultimate Superman / Batman Beer Pong Table

Dec 4, 2019 | Wood Working

This project turned out so well I just can’t believe it was put together in a night whilst drinking too much bourbon and rum.

How it started

It all started when I wanted a beer pong table for my leaving party / birthday party. But I couldn’t just have any old table, it had to be made and it had to look cool or at least better than any my mates owned. A quick phone call to my mate Paul and I had some stencils printed on thick card and with the promise of drunk painting he was in.

Throwing it together

That night I jumped on trademe and found the cheapest fold out table I could find in my area that would fit in my car, $15 later I had a table that was the perfect size. A lot of people use Ping Pong tables but I find them too wide and annoying to store. At the time the local paint shop was across the road from work, so I grabbed a bunch of paint samples in the colours I needed. I also ordered some matching cups, can’t have this ‘red cup frat house’ shit on my table.

Painting was relatively easy, although the drinking between coats caught us out towards the end. It was important that we got the colours painted in the right order, some colours like yellow are very hard to paint over black. The stencils easily could have gone a few more tables before the were to rough to use.

The finished product

It looks absolutely awesome and was well used that weekend, we filled two wheely bins with beer bottles!


  • Sample paints from Resene paints
  • Superman / Batman stencils were printing on thick card
  • Cheapest table you can find


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