How to make a Spiderman Toolbox

Dec 4, 2019 | Wood Working

With the state of my little workstation I was in dire need of an all-in-one self contained storage unit. Everything at the stores was not the right fit or very expensive.

The Planning

A bit of doodling on a bit of paper and I figured out a way to get all the bits I needed out three 1200 x 600 pieces of plywood. Once I chopped them up I placed them together to see how it was going to look and the best way to glue and screw it together. Turned out that CD’s were the perfect spacers for the the shelves.

Glue and screw

Once it was mocked up it was just a matter of screwing it all together. Within a night I had to altogether and drying in the garage, although I didn’t account for the thickness of the back board when measuring the top and bottom, in which I ended up joing two strips together with gorilla glue and cutting them back down to size.

Covering it was always something I hadn’t decided on. Tolex? Paint? Plain? I remembered an old project I saw once of someone covering their coffee table with comic books and a quick look on Trademe and I picked up a pile of old comics with missing covers and pages for next to nothing.

Cover it all up

There was enough Spiderman comics in the pile to keep the theme of the whole box the same. I was just a matter of cutting it all the good bits out and gluing it altogether. After it was all dry I hit the exposed wood parts with some black and it was ready to be filled up.

Final touches

And the final results after a bit of black paint and inserting the parts compartments. I drilled a few holes in the them and ran some cord through to make them easier to pull out.


  • Spiderman comics
  • PVA glue
  • 3 x 1200mm x 600mm x 9mm plywood sheets
  • Woodscrews and gorilla glue
  • Generic hinges


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