Custom Cards Against Humanity Storage Box

Mar 22, 2020 | Wood Working

As did most people, around 2015-2016 I got introduced to Cards Against Humanity, one of the best party games ever. But unlike everyone else, I always go over board when I get into something new. So when I got hooked to the game a went a purchased every single expansion pack plus the base pack I could find. This was great for having virtually new games every time you played it but incredibly frustrating to lug them around.

Getting into leather work

Due some other projects I had going on, I ended up some some spare leather and some spare plywood scraps which were going to be perfect for this project. But because I hadn’t worked with leather stitching before I had to order a kit of stuff to go with my leather. A cheap 13pcs kit from AliExpress with some hole punches and a roller and I was away.

Annoyingly, I forgot to take photos of putting thee wooden box together ( i’m trying to get better with progress photos ) So I only have a few photos of getting the lid pattern figured out using some masking paper to get the size out. I figured if I make the paper fit snug, once the thickness of the leather is taken into account it will be a tight slip on fit, ideally i’ll add some snap on buttons to keep the lid on it. I ended googling/youtubing how to make a saddle stitch and it turned out really well, the first time I tried this technique.

Final fit up

All said and done this was a quick weekend project to tidy up these cards ( Adam Savage one day build style ) and have a nice box to carry these around to parties. Hopefully the leather weathers and ages well!



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