SNES Video fix and Scart mod

Oct 28, 2023 | Retro Gaming

This is round 2 for the SNES. It has had a re-cap in the past but some of the leaky cap juice was missed and continued to corrode away traces. This was found out while trying to get a SNES scart cable working.

Fixing capacitor leakage

First step was neutralising the corrosion where the caps were and then it was finding the shorts. Turns out the leakage had gone through some via’s and blown out a diode on the underside. It was just a jellybean diode and was a quick fix once I found a replacement. I opted for a hacked in through hole part to get it working since the pads were eaten away.

Modding a Scart cable for PAL

It seems that every single Scart cable for the SNES you can buy is for NTSC, which means if you want it to work on a PAL system you are going to have to modify it. The symptoms that it is the wrong cable will be extremely dark video output. Its a matter of removing the the capacitors on the RGBS lines and replacing them with 75ohm resistors to work with a PAL setup.


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