Flood damaged PS3 3DTV’s

Oct 28, 2023 | Retro Gaming

I was offered a deal, get some PS3 3DTV’s working by reflashing the firmware and I get to keep one of them. The downside was that just before I was going to pick them up most of them got stuck in flood waters.

Starting condition

The first 2 I picked up were before the flood damage, the rest sadly were very much worse for wear. Some were only good for parts. There was still a lot of water in them and alot of corrosion.

Repair Work

most of the PCB’s got put through the Ultrasonic cleaner, resoldered some parts and disassembled the LCD panels to get the mould out between the layers. 


When it came to programming, I followed this guide from DBWBP.com to reprogram the chips. All these units were the 7400 model. I used hot air to reprogram the chips as it was easier, but you could possibly use one of those clip on bios programmers. I used a TL866 to do the programming and I dumped the corrupted files off the chips before flashing the new firmware on them just to be safe. Then it was just a matter of resoldering them back on.

Up and Running

After reassembling the TV’s it was just a matter of powering them up and testing them out. Some didn’t power on due to the water damage but I think I ended up with about 4/8 units working at the end of the repair session.


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