Mini First Aid it in a Northface Pack

Apr 10, 2021 | Others

This project isn’t specifically a build project, but it is something that I have wanted to put together for a long time. When I was in Nepal I picked up a small “legit” Northface mini pack as I thought it would be good for first aid kit, something that I have never had other than the crappy ones you get from the pharmacy. Its a pretty basic kit that I will keep in my car. The concept was to have everything I would need if I came off my mountain bike in the forest.


  • Sling
  • finger splint
  • Various painkillers
  • antiseptic wet wipes
  • hand sanitiser
  • chap stick
  • ear plugs
  • anti antihistamine and anti fungal creams
  • a travel first aid kit with bandages, plasters, gauze etc
  • face mask
  • scissors
  • paracord
  • zip ties and electrical tape and lighter
  • paying cards
  • leg maglite
  • pencil and notebook
  • knife and scalpel


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