Mini Pedal Board

Aug 22, 2021 | FX Pedals

After building my big pedal board for 10 pedals I STILL had left over pedals that I had built and didn’t really have a ‘bedroom’ setup. So I set out to build a smaller 4 pedal version of the unit I had already built complete with the comic book covering.

Power Supplies

My dad had revised his power supply board design to be simpler and easier to build with the only difference with this build is that I went for 9V only pedals so I could make all the power supplies the same but also allowing me to get 12V AC if I wanted to run a tube pedal from it. I built two boards and then only realised that I only required one for my project.

The Build

The build process was much the same as the larger one but I simplified the process and kept it essentially a square box with no back so the power supply and cables could sit out the back.

The Final build turned out really well and matches the big unit in my other post. The pedals are:

  • MXR Jimi Hendrix UniVibe
  • EchoRec Clone
  • MKII Tone Bender
  • OCD OverDrive Pedal


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