DroboProFS – the quietening

Mar 27, 2020 | Computing

After working with an 8 bay Drobo NAS at my old work and being impressed at how reliable it was, I picked up one on eBay cheap and got it shipped over. Loaded it with 4 Seagate 1TB drives and….it was noisy as shit.

Pulling it apart

I instantly ripped it apart and found that the fan was rubbish and the case was just a big metal tube. The fan was easy to rip out and put in a silent fan from a PC in it.

DynaMat to the rescue!

Digging through my box of random crap I found the leftover sound deadening from fitting out the Toyota’s sound system. Lined all the casing and even lifted up the front panel sticker and lined the front. The thing is almost dead silent other than when the hard drives first start up, no fan noise, no hum and no vibration.



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