AOC portable monitor graveyard

Aug 22, 2021 | Computing

This pile was a pickup from work. Apparently, auditors are extremely rough with their kit and these AOC Portable monitors are not upto the task and the USB 3 Mini B connectors all gave up the ghost. Out of the pile, there was 4-5 that were totally dead with smashed screens that I stole the USB and controller boards from, hoping that I might be able to use the parts to fix some of the others. The rest of them all had bad USB connectors on them that needed to be replaced, this was verified by find one good connector and testing each screen to check the rest of it worked other than the USB port.


Fixing these boards was a bit of a pain due to the connectors that they used. The micro b connectors were surface mount and were a specific type that I had to order twice as I got the connector mounting pin type wrong. You can only replace these with the hot air station and it is fiddly. Some of the screens had type A connectors and were easier to fix. I actually had to get my dad to help with some of these connectors as my hands were not steady enough to do them. In total I got 14 working screens at the end of it.


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