The 1950’s style Fender Champ

Dec 4, 2019 | Amplifiers

Technically the second amplifier I built, the 5F2A Fender Champ build was created out of left over parts. I had a bunch of leftover wood, tolex and fibreboard from the 18 Watt 1974X build ( and the green from dad’s build).

The build

Unfortunately I didn’t take many in progress pictures, but the idea was to build a 1950’s radio two tone combo, half black and half green. Pretty much all the tolex and grill clothe was left from the Marshall style builds. I managed to get some faux Fender badges laser cut at uni and spray them silver.

The tolex is wrapped in the old Fender style, with the sides getting done first and the top and bottom being over lapped by about 20mm. Then I just hit the inside with some black paint.

Almost all the parts were left from other builds other than an output transformer. Again not too many gut shots during the build. Its all standard turret board hand wired like the days of old.

As well as the the badge I laser cut of the faceplate and just rubbed in some white paint to make the lettering standout.

I ended up ditching the V-shaped back panels, as cool as they looked the tolex just kept peeling up even using Ados contact adhesive.

The final product

I have since sold this amp to someone else that might like it more than I do. It did sound awesome but I prefer something a bit more easily over driven like my 5 watt Plexi.



  • 19mm pine boards
  • Hand folded 18g steel chassis
  • Mojotone green and black marshall style tolex
  • NOS RCA/GE tubes
  • fibre board and components from Tube Depot
  • Jensen P10Q 10” speaker


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