Cleaning up a Marshall JTM60

Dec 4, 2019 | Amplifiers

A nice quick fix and flick project. A very cheap find on Trademe was the JTM60 3 x 10. Very similar to the 1990’s JTM30, it was loud and the reverb was horrible.

I didn’t end up taking many photos of this build but essentially I brought the amp faulty with the idea that I could fix it. Unbeknown to me, these things had a design flaw which saw the output tubes ( EL34’s ) mounted directly under the filter caps. The heat that dissipated off them went straight up and killed the caps.

I ended up giving the amp to Clarry at 34Audio and he remounted the new caps out of the way. I also found out that the amps effects loop plugs were prone to corroding and making a lot of noise. So a bit of contact cleaner fixed that.

I ordered some new JTM45 grill cloth as the other stuff had overspray all over it. Grill cloth is always a two person job.


  • New caps from Clarry
  • New grill cloth from Mojotone


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