Pedalboard Round 2!

The last pedalboard project I made was not small or portable, I aim to fix that with this version as well as make it look way cooler.

So far with the build I have made a few modifications since last time. The biggest one being having slots under and above the pedals the route all cables downwards and out of the way. I have also reduced the size to allow for 10 pedals, two rows of 5 is better than 14!

How to keep them fixed

I got a great idea from dad, he hand made little alloy tabs to go between the pedal case and the bottom plate. A quick look around and some old bike chain works a treat!

Power troubles

Another lesson learnt from the last project was to isolate the power supplies as the higher gain pedals tend to leak into the singal chain of others if they are sharing common power. This boards are now etched and I am just figuring out how to mount it all in. The plastic boxes seemed right but the boards are a few mm too big.

Trying it out

While I am waiting on parts for the power supplies I am trying it out and seeing if I notice anything I want to change. I will most likely be covering it in tolex to make it a bit unique as well.