The way too big pedalboard

As usual I have made to many of something and I wanted to have a pedalboard for a home that would accomodate 14 ( yes 14 ) pedals.

The main reason it needed to be so big was I had made so many pedals in the past and I wanted to be able to try different combo's together without having to unplug stuff all the time. I know i'm lazy.

Building it to size

I had no idea how big it needed to be, luckily I had some scrap bits of plywood left over from another project so I just stacked a couple of bits of wood and laid the pedals and cables out for sizing. Seemed I guessed pretty well.

A bit of wood working and I had a rough working pedalboard. It looked rough but I was going to fix it. I ended up routing some holes to get the power and instrument leads through but it was more of less on point.

I did have some carpet left over from when I built the subwoofer box in my car years ago, so that worked perfectly. Although after having it on the floor a couple of years the carpet got really dirty, i'd probably use something else in future.

Powering it all

I went for the Tonepad power supply board with some changes. It seemed that all I need to be change to get higher current limits were the diodes and the voltage regulator to a LM350 adjustable. The input power was just a 24v laptop power supply with a 3.4A limit, plenty for all my pedal needs. I also added a Jaycar daughter board to get a single 12v tap for the odd pedal that needed it ( old boss stuff in my case ). Even though there is 5 9V outputs, I still made up a daisy chain cable and could have just used a single output.